Production of industrial explosives and their components for blasting operations in the mining industry


At the moment service provision focuses on the central and southern regions of Kuzbass, with further activities extension to the neighboring regions.

The company is registered in Prokopievsk, Kemerovo region

"VZRIYV-RESURS" LLC specializes in the production of industrial explosives and their components

The production of "VZRIYV-RESURS" LLC is developed on the basis of the most advanced technologies and surpasses the world’s best analogues by a number of parameters. The company was founded in the shortest possible time while fulfilling all legal requirements in the field of industrial safety and ecology. Our specialists developed all the design, technical and technological documentation in accordance with Russian legislation, and received all the relevant permits, preliminary drafts of maximum permissible emissions and the sanitary protection zone, expertises and licenses.
Emulsion explosives have significant advantages over conventional ones due to the use of raw materials classified as non-explosive and the acquisition of basic explosive properties at the final stage of preparation, i.e. directly in the well. They are shock-, open flame- and water-resistant, safe for transportation, and do not contain toxic substances. These explosives are to be used in any mining and geological conditions with no harmful effects on the environment during blasting operations.

About company

The mixing and charging equipment has high-tech software with a number of safety systems, interlocks and recording trends (operator action history log) for well charging technological process control.
Own specifications for mixing and charging machines (based on KAMAZ, IVECO, SCANIA and other similar chassis) designed for the safe transportation of non-explosive components, manufacture of explosives from them and mechanized charging of technological wells with granular, emulsion and mixture explosives during blasting in open-cast mining operations.

Safety and Health

Safety and Health Policy (Russian version)
Summary sheet of the working conditions special assessment results dated 01.03.2021 (Russian version)
Summary sheet of the working conditions special assessment results dated 21.04.2021 (Russian version)
Summary sheet of the working conditions special assessment results dated 01.04.2022 (Russian version)

Our Principles

Application of innovative solutions in the technological process development ensures the introduction of safe, resource-saving and sustainable technologies for modern explosives production directly on the spot of their application and manufacturing of their components at the production sites.
Organized supply chain for the delivery of components from manufacturers’ plants
Incoming inspection of components by own laboratory
Admission of raw materials to the production process
Technological process of industrial explosives components production
Logistics of component delivery to customer companies’ blasting sites
On-site production of industrial explosives in mixing and charging equipment
Quality control and monitoring of finished products at all manufacturing stages


Water-resistant emulsion explosive
Non-water-resistant emulsion explosive
The application of water-resistant emulsion explosive is aimed at the most efficient use of energy generated during the reaction of explosive transformation for industrial purposes.
An exceptional feature of this explosive is safe transportation of components used for its manufacturing, the substance being non explosive before it is charged. Designed for charging both dry and water wells, in the temperature range from -50 °С to +50 °С, with a recommended diameter of charging wells of at least 100 mm
Water-resistant emulsion explosive
A wide range of applications of non-water-resistant explosives for blasting on the surface and in the mine faces, when drilling dry and unwatered rocks, with Protodyakonov hardness up to 20.
Non-water-resistant emulsion explosive
water-resistant explosives has been produced since the beginning of operations
kt. of
non-water-resistant explosives has been produced since the beginning of operations
kt. of
20 kt.
10 kt.
Complete safety and plan implementation
Development stages
July 2019
Date of company foundation
November 2020
January 2021
Increasing production
Emulsion Plant brought into service
March 2022
Additional mixing, charging and delivery equipment purchased
October 2023
Expansion of the technological and auxiliary complex at the production site


License No. VM-00-017650 dated May 13, 2020 for activities related to the handling of explosive materials for industrial purposes
License No. 4208577 dated December 08, 2021 for loading and unloading of hazardous cargoes on railway transport
License No. VX-68-003957 dated February 26, 2021 for operation of explosive, fire and chemically hazardous production facilities of hazard classes I, II and III
The manufacturing and preparation of non-explosive components of industrial emulsion and granulated explosives by "VZRIYV-RESURS" LLC refers to hazardous production facilities of hazard class III in accordance with Appendix 2 of the Federal Law 116-FZ of July 21, 1997 “On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities”.
"VZRIYV-RESURS" LLC prepares components of emulsion and granular explosives and equips mixing and charging machines with all non-explosive components at the place of production and preparation of non-explosive components of industrial emulsion and granular explosives.

Industrial Safety


The core value is people, we want to create a safe and efficient work environment
Taking into account the individual characteristics of employees, including design of workplaces, choice of equipment, tools, raw and other materials, personal and collective protective equipment, formation of production and technological processes
Implementation of consistent and continuous measures (actions) to prevent incidents and cases of deterioration of employees’ health, industrial injuries and occupational diseases, including the management of occupational risks
The main priority of "VZRIYV-RESURS" LLC activities is the safety of its employees, protection of life and health of employees in the course of their work.
Compliance of working conditions at workplaces with occupational health and safety requirements
Continuous improvement and enhancement of OHSAS effectiveness
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